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About Shalini

          Shalini is an avid reader who enjoys writing in the time that she manages to steal from her other life as a doctor specializing in respiratory pathology.


      Her writer avatar gravitates towards fiction and poetry. She enjoys sharing reflections on life and happenings around us and finds happiness when they resonate with her readers. She also dabbles in articles that will bring information and awareness related to health issues. The doctor avatar is rooted in the real world of medicine and academia with scientific papers and publications. Shalini has a keen interest in medical humanities, which bring together the factual and creative perspectives of her thoughts and writing.


       Shalini believes that she doesn’t have to give up any one of the many hats she wears. She has decided to let the hats figure out how to share space, as she lets the parts sum up the whole. A late entrant to the parallel universe of writing, Shalini has discovered that writing helps to take her away from the noise, towards silence. A permanent excuse to avoid hitting the gym is an added bonus.


           Writing has become as much a journey into herself, as much as an exposure to a whole new outside world. Both these journeys are cherished by her as are the new connections that she has formed in the process. Engaging with her readers, exchanging thoughts and touching lives is especially important to her. She can be reached at

Shalini is fortunate to have made her niche with her work.



                                      Awarded a Jury Appreciation Citation at the 12th Laadli Media Awards for Gender Sensitivity 2022


                                                            Winner of the Orange Flower Award 2022: Short fiction


                                                  Winner of the Orange Flower Award 2021: Writing on LGBTQ+ issues.  

                                                           Finalist , Orange Flower Award 2021: Writing on humour 


                                              Winner of Women’s Web Muse of the month Short Story Fiction Contest:

             August, September 2019, January, February, March, April, May, August, December 2020, December 2021


                                                            Winner of the eShe fiction short story contest, October 2020


                                                     Incredible Women of India (IWI) Blog roll Winner , December 2020


             Selected for the Juggernauts Selects program with a prize and awarded a publishing contract for  “Happily Divorced”



        Shalini has written fiction for various platforms and publications. Short stories, flash fiction and micro fiction by her have been consistently featured on different groups and have been selected as winners.She won the Orange Flower Award 2022 for short fiction, and the Orange Flower Award 2021 writing in the LGBTQ+ category; and was a finalist for writing in the humour category for the same award in 2021.

        She has contributed two stories to the anthology “Sharing Lipstick”, and two in the anthology "Women.mutiny". She was one of the winners of the eShe short story contest in October 2020. The winning story has been published by Embassy Publications in the book "Everything changed after that". She is a Juggernaut selects author. Her e single “Happily Divorced” is a (non) rom- com that has been promoted on the prestigious platform.She was the winner of the Incredible Women of India Blog roll, December 2020: Women in Public Life.


        She empathizes with the challenges and unique situations that women these days are confronted with often weaves this understanding in her short stories, which are featured on portals like Momspresso, Women’s Web, etc. She has won the monthly short story contest “Muse of the month“ by Women’s Web on numerous occasions.She has also contributed to other forums like Meraki: Soul talk, and Beyond the Box Chronicles.Prompt based micro fiction and flash fiction is a format that she finds engaging and her stories are consistently featured on Penmancy,Artoonsinn, and others. She won the Crossword  tellataleinsixwords challenge. She has been featured as blogger of the month on Mompreneur CircleTete-a-tete Tuesdays on

 She enjoys sharing her reflections on life as it happens around us and connecting with her readers. She is also a book reviewer and writes information and awareness pieces. 

Shalini has scientific publications in various  academic journals as she is a pathologist, working in a niche area of respiratory pathology. She has also contributed chapters to text books.

She is keenly interested in Medical humanities. Her poetry has been featured in journals and blogs which focus on this area. She is also copyeditor and on the Review board of the journal ‘Research and Humanities in Medical Education’. 





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What people are saying

"Shalini writes with an ease of a seasoned wordsmith. It is a delight to read her words"

Manisha Goyal Mahajan

Entrepreneur, Writer, poet, Life coach

What people are saying

"I enjoy Shalini's eloquent thoughts in anarrtaives and verses. I take my writing lessons from her narratives"

Pallavi Kumari


What people are saying

"Thought provoking expression of emotions. Thanks Shalini for giving us so many pleasant reads."

Shuchi Singla

CEO, Bafflesol Technologies

What people are saying

"Shalini spins out lovely stories and poems on the simple things of life. I follow her articles on all platforms"

Vibha Mathur


What people are saying

"Shalini has a treasure of words to take your heart away as she effortlessly weaves them into thoughtful verses and impactful narratives"

Alpna Das Sharma


What people are saying

"Shalini's writing addresses issues in a subtle way, and makes us think deeper on the subject"

Prakash Bhandari


What people are saying

"Shalini has written some beautiful short stories in the recent past"

Nipendranath Sarkar

Reader, Photographer

What people are saying

"I admire Shalini's fascinating way of story telling in a limited set of words. She knows how to hook readers to her stories"

Sanjeet Sen


What people are saying

"Shalini Mullick has a distinctive style of writing that results in her thought provoking stories. Her stories are like a perfectly brewed cup of masala tea which get over before you know it I love to read her stories many times over"

Mrignaini Arya

Reader, Educator

What people are saying

"Shalini's stories come straight from the heart, resonate a lot of positivity and touch a chord"

Ila Kumar Valia

Director, IIGM